We cannot underplay the importance of YouTube as part of a digital or search strategy.

Not only is one of the most popular destinations in the world, it’s the second largest social media network and one of the biggest search engines in the world.

YouTube stats are incredible and can take a few mins to understand the size and scale of the platform. It would take someone over 100k YEARS to watch every single video on YouTube.

There is an estimated 500 hours of video content uploaded EVERY SINGLE MINUTE

35.6m (35% of the entire UK population) are heavy users. There is a slightly older (44% aged between 25-44), more male (54%) demographic skew.

We know about the power and strength of influencers. I know in my house, traditional TV has been completed shunned in favour of screaming FIFA or Fortnite creators. But they’re the most popular thing to watch. Only 14.9% of internet users will favour influencer videos and vlogs. Music (35.1%), Comedy (29.6%), tutorials (25%) or educational (15.6%) videos are far more popular.

Users spend over 15hours a month on YouTube – that’’s higher than Facebook (14h), Whatsapp (8h) and Instagram (7h)

But good old Ed Sheeran is still the King of YouTube in the UK. His channel is the the most popular YouTube channel in the UK with 43 million subscribers. The channel also boasted around 18.78 billion views. Not bad for a lad from Framlinham!