Why SERPs are important for SEO

Why SERPs are important for SEO?

Search Engine Results Page – or SERPS are made up of a mixture of paid and organic results. Most people will click on the first set of results they see and rarely bother going deeper than page one.

The top three positions in Google get around 75% of all clicks. Plus, the SERPS are getting busier with paid results appearing at the top and bottom of most pages along with other elements such as the Knowledge graph, video and image results – even shopping.

This all serves to knock the organic rankings down the page.

How do SERPs work?

Let’s start with a simple task. Go to Google and search for something. What do you see?

What experience did you have? Could you find your results easily?

Every search engine will present a different experience for their users and will present results based on many different factors that go behind your simple search term.

Examples of these are:

  • Your physical location 
  • Your Browsing history 
  • Social settings 

There are over 200 different factors that go into Google’s Algorithm – and to make things even more fun for SEO marketers, they are in a constant state of experimentation, so the SERPS are constantly in flux and changing.

They are constantly striving to give the best and most responsive experience – providing the best answer to the question that was asked.

SERPs can look different for each query, but essentially, they are all made up of the same three building blocks, which are: 

  • Paid Results 
  • Organic Results
  • SERP features

We will now look at these in a little more detail in the next lesson…