User Experience (UX)

This is becoming a key factor for Google. Essentially UX looks at your website and how your customers engage with it – how long do they spend, how quickly do they leave, did they read a lot of pages when they visited, was the site quick to load, how does it work on a mobile device?

Google’s aim is to provide the best possible result to your question, so they want to show users different websites that provide a good experience.

Good UX should NOT be considered a tactic you deploy for Google only.

We put the customer first and foremost for all UX as we believe if they enjoy the site and come back for more, then Google will follow.

A good tip is to ask a friend or family member to use and navigate your website. Watch how they navigate, could they find what they were looking for? Did they have to click many times before finding the article they were after? If they enjoy the experience, then it’s a strong bet so will Google.