The rise of voice search

One question we regularly ask ourselves and teammates – how are people accessing online information as this is where we have seen a significant change in behaviour over the past few years.

The rise of voice search has been incredible.

In 2023, the number of voice assistant users (people who use the likes of Siri/Alexa or ‘Hey Google’) is expected to top 125m users.

It is predicted that the global voice recognition market will be worth 26.8BN by 2024 with over 8Billion users.

22.1% of the UK digital population use voice assistants (e.g Siri/Alexa) to find information each week.

What’s interesting is HOW people search when using voice assistants compared to the more traditional approach. On average, the word count of an average voice search is 29 words.

That’s a huge difference when comparing to Google’s top searches which comprise of a single term.

50% of voice searches are research-based as users tend to find it easier to ask a question instead of having to type out exactly what they’re after. Making sure you consider Voice search as part of your approach will pay off in dividends in the long run.