Paid results

Paid Search or PPC search results will appear at the top of the page but also at the bottom of each page. The ads are incredibly similar with the only real visual different is the small ‘ad’ appearing top right of the results. 

PPC is often a key part of any digital marketing campaign as brands can bid on a keyword and only pay once a user has clicked on the ad.

PPC works on a pay-per-click basis. PPC is an auction-based approach where you ‘bid’ on a specific keyword with the highest position usually going to bidder who is paying the higher cost.  

There are certain factors which go into how a PPC ad will appear. Similar to how organic pages are ranked, Google have created a specific algorithm called ‘quality score’ to help decide who ‘wins’ the bid.  

You will hear PPC marketers use the phrase ‘Quality Score’. They’re usually talking about the page that you’re landing people on from your PPC ad. One of the core competentsThis must be relevant to the keyword you’re buying otherwise it will cost you more money – or simply not show.

PPC can be a quick and cheap option to give you some visibility within Google whilst you’re working on your SEO strategy but be warned you may be up against rivals with bigger budgets.

PPC ads are traditionally text-based ads however similar to organic, developments in PPC have resulted in a much wider range of options and formats that can cater to most needs of any marketer.