Keyword optimisation

A crucial part of any SEO campaign. Keyword optimisation is the process of using relevant keywords based on your brand, product, services or offers throughout your website’s content.

This helps Google or other search engines index and classify your content but more importantly it’s tapping into what YOUR audience are interested in and how they search. Keyword research is invaluable for on-going optimisation of your site and content and should be a constantly on-going process as user behaviour will constantly change so you.

Good keyword research can be the making or breaking of a website. It can inspire, it can show you new or emerging topics or themes your audience are interested in. It can help you define and optimise your brand.  It can also massively benefit conversion or getting users to part with some hard-earned money.

There are various tools to assist with keyword research including AdWords, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. If you have any social accounts or YouTube, these are also rich areas for keyword research. Use as many sources as you can and test, test and test some more!