An introduction

Within the first few modules we’ve spoken a lot about Google.

We’ve tried to provide you with an understanding of the history of the company and have gone into detail around the various features and ranking factors that will help you gain a greater understanding of the depth, scale and potential of the platform as well as giving some initial tips and advice on how your website can rank well for important keywords.

As you continue to progress within this course, we will go back into some of these areas and dive into a lot more detail to help you become a true SEO marketer.

But this final module is not just about Google. It’s about understanding broader digital behaviour and why your SEO strategy shouldn’t just be about ranking for a SERP but actually thinking about ‘answering the question no matter where the question is asked’.

As you’re starting to learn, there are many different facets of SEO – technical, creative, old fashioned PR therefore its important to understand broader digital behaviour. Where people spend their time online, how they access the internet, what they do when they’re online. These are all key questions you should be asking from a strategic perspective to ensure when you are coming up with your digital strategy, you’re talking to the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

We are trying to help you become the best SEO marketer possible. The focus of this module is to give you additional digital information so you can a) make the best decision possible but also b) have a greater understanding of the wider digital market place, the motivations and reasons why people use them so you can adapt your approach and get maximum coverage for your business – and the best SEARCH approach possible.